Valerie's mission: enable more people to shape the future. 


Valerie is an internationally renowned entrepreneur, board member, tech-for-good investor and international speaker. Named one of Europe's 40 under 40 leaders, Valerie got into many rooms of power very early on. As the youngest Director at Europe's leading innovation fund, Nesta, Valerie helped many startups, businesses and charitable organisations to use the digital transformation as a force for good. Whether she funded digital education, news innovations or health technology: the biggest barrier to change always were the rooms of power. The decision makers on the boards and in the top positions of most organisations largely lack digital skills and a 21st century leadership mindset. To change that, Valerie founded Wingwomen, the plattform that lifts up a new generation of great leaders into the rooms of power. 

Valerie grew up in Hamburg and has since lived in Germany, Spain, Peru and the UK. She holds two degrees (both first class) from the University of Oxford and serves as a trustee on the board of Wikipedia/Wikimedia.

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Valerie gives her keynotes, talks and interviews across the world in English, German and Spanish. Her key topics are: 

| Leadership for the digital age |

| Digitalisation, Tech-for-Good, Social Innovation |

| The future of boards |

| Women in Tech |

Please direct your speaker enquiry to contact@valeriemocker.com


Valerie's newspaper columns, articles and interviews have appeared in a variety of news outlets. 

Please direct media or interview enquiries to contact@valeriemocker.com

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