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This 6-week academy unlocks the leader inside of you. Yes, everything you need is already within you! Our CEO Valerie shares with you everything she did to lead her first team at 23, her first multi-million dollar fund at 26 and get into the rooms of power in her 20s. Together we work through the four-pillar Rise Strategy and the tools that will help you rise inside your organisation. We show you how you can get what you want as a leader who leads with bravery, kindness and by being your true and whole self.

If you wonder "what's next for me", this 5-week academy is for you. Our CEO Valerie teaches you the triple-method for career changes that open many new doors instead of closing them. Together we work through the key steps you must consider before making a change that empowers your career and craft an actionable plan you can use to start your change tomorrow.

We need more of you in our rooms of power, calling the shots. This 4-week academy prepares you for your first board position. No, you are not too early to take this course. Our CEO Valerie and board members from three different sectors teach you what boards are, how they work, how you get onto boards and thereby get into a position where you can steer the strategy of a whole organisation.

Apply: the summer course is sold out.
Apply: the summer course is sold out.
Applications open soon.


All courses are currently sold out and running. To register your interest for the next round, fill in this form. For any questions, get in touch with my team under

All sent! In the meantime you can reach the team under

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We also share knowledge, tips and tricks to unlock the leader inside of you on the Wingwomen Youtube Channel.

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